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Amazing Start !!!

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I want to commend all the staff and volunteers who are doing an awesome job - we will bring Tiny Houses To Chicago one day !!!!!

Helping people for real

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Thanks for advocating for a common sense solution to chronic homelessness in Chicago. Godspeed!

A legitimate solution to homelessness

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Chicago Tiny House offers an honest, practical solution to a chronic problem that has challenged politicians, activists and the faith based community. Brien Cron is passionate and always optimistic in spite of City Hall mischief and lack of financial support. I believe it will succeed and look forward to great accomplishments.

we should do this

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Brien is passionate about providing housing for veterans. It is unfortunate that although they are totally prepared to start building, the city's red tape is holding it all up. This is no way to treat our veterans.

My Opinion

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Chicago Tiny House Inc. is dedicated to securing permanent tiny homes for the most vulnerable homeless members of society. They are tirelessly committed to securing finances as well as sites to establish Tiny House communities in Chicago.

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