Chicago Tiny House Hitting The Streets

Chicago Tiny House Hitting The Streets

Today we had the pleasure of visiting a highly talented group of youths, at West Town Academy High School. A special Thank You goes out to Marianne Pallozzi, a math teacher at West Town Academy High School, who reached out to us to help get kids involved with our project. Today our organization was invited to three periods of their day to talk about our project as well as getting West Town Academy involved with our project. It really was an awesome day to see the youth of today interested in doing good for our homeless residents. I’m proud to have participated and had a great time with the students today and hope many more visits to come.      
This was an exercise that Marianne Pallozzi created in class where she asked all the students to create a mock tiny house in the classroom actually finding the sq ft area then trying to see if all the furniture would fit into the area – It was a blast to see the brainstorming going on.  

Various other photos:

This is an amazing inspiration written on the wall of the classroom

Directors and Officers Announced

Directors and Officers Announced

Thursday, October 5, 2017, 7 PM

Chicago Tiny House, Inc had our second meeting with a surprise to be announced. A special donation was given by a close friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, to pay the incorporation, nonprofit, and 501(c)(3) fees. Elections were held and the results are:


Brien Cron – Founder/Executive Director

Sara Wendt – Executive Secretary

Scott Ingerson –  Outreach Directors

Tammy Perlmutter – Communications


Ryan Wendt – Outreach Officer

Eric Clayton – Senior Construction Officer

Paul Latture – Recruitment Officer

After the elections, we voted that recruitment and sponsorship should be our priority as of right now.

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