Battle Of The Bands

Battle Of The Bands

Battle of the Bands

 August 31,2019

Time: 10AM – 10PM

Venue: Wilson Abbey
935 W. Wilson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

This year we are hosting a battle of the bands so to speak.

The Battle depends on the number of bands entering – but we will have a competition judged by attendees and the top 5 bands will compete on August 31st, 2019 at our Annual Chicago Tiny House Fundraiser where the top three bands voted through will win a prize.


We are working on an awesome prize package and will keep you updated as plans are made.

We are also looking for folks to help out with security, sound, lighting, staging, and volunteer opportunities.

If you are a band or would like to sponsor the event please contact us here:

This year we are hosting a battle of the bands so to speak.

We will be hosting a day of  “the Bands” where everyone attending will be able to vote for the best bands of the night.

We are working on an awesome prize package and will keep you updated as plans are made.

If you are a band or would like to sponsor the event please contact us  here.

Zoning for Tiny Houses

Zoning for Tiny Houses

Help get Zoning started in Chicago

Zoning for Chicago Tiny Houses

There are at least 15 homeless tiny house communities throughout the US that are flourishing and creating affordable housing for homeless residents.

Chicago Tiny House Inc is dedicated not to changing this but duplicating this process for Chicago. We came to our city with a answer to the crisis of homelessness. We do not claim that this method would completely eliminate homelessness but want to offer a way to help with the issue.

The only thing in our way is zoning laws. We are asking Chicago and our state to sign this petition to start the process of zoning for tiny houses in Chicago to help aid in the issue of homelessness.

Join us at the Service Fair

Join us at the Service Fair

This is why we do what we do

This is why we do what we do


Chicago has plummeted to record lows and there are still people left sleeping outside. This photo was taken yesterday night in uptown – proof that people are still struggling to survive in the frigged weather here right next to us in Chicago.

People ask me why I am so adamant about bringing tiny houses to Chicago. This photo is reason alone. Please help Chicago Tiny House Inc to get zoning so we can start helping our brothers and sisters in our neighborhoods.


Consider linking to theses articles:

This is Who We Are





Please contribute today

Any contribution will help at times like these.

Call to action

Call to action

Dear Tiny House community                                                                                                                                 Friday, September 28, 2018 This call to action is being submitted by Chicago Tiny House Inc. to all the fine residents of Chicago who are in favor of building community based tiny houses for our veterans and homeless residents of Chicago. Our Organization has taken on the challenge of helping our city support our fellow residents by providing community based housing at low to no cost to our clients. We cannot continue our plan of aiding our fellow homeless, without proper zoning changes. We feel our voices have gone unheard and have been put through wave after wave of political red tape. We have submitted two different proposals which outline a basic plan of building tiny house communities throughout Chicago and have hundreds of people backing our project as well as two prominent alderman backing our project. Our organization, Chicago Tiny House Inc., turned in the first proposal to build to our city department of planning back in April of 2018, to which was asked to be reworked and resubmitted. We then reworked the proposal and included the suggested changes and resubmitted on 07/10/2018. The second turn in of our proposal was accepted and tabled at Rahm Emmanuel’s request citing the city needed more information on tiny houses. Since then, we have no idea on what is going on nor do we know what direction our proposal is headed. We kindly ask that our proposal be approved so that we can continue helping our fellow residents to the best ability that we can. We have tried all legal endeavors and are now at the point where all we need is city approval and are not getting any communication from the city. Therefore, we encourage all our supporters to stand in mass, along with Chicago Tiny House Inc. to support our project. We want to show this city that we are serious and need to implement tiny houses to help put a dent in homelessness.   We are asking all our supporters to show interest by rallying on the sidewalks of city hall alongside with Chicago Tiny House Inc.  

 When: November 2, 2018

Where: City Hall Sidewalks

Time 10:00am

Meeting Address :

City Hall 121 N. LaSalle Street Chicago, Illinois 60602

Meeting at Randolph and LaSalle street

   For more information Please contact:    Brien Cron President, Founder Chicago Tiny House Inc 920 West Wilson Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60640 [email protected] (312)-383-7519  

Pdf version of the Call to action 


Download a pdf Version here:    Click here

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