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Every donation is put towards homeless veterans and homeless residents.

What is our Plan ? 


Tiny Home Communities

Tiny home communities are more than just cost-effective housing. These communities will unite and empower their residents while being a centralized location to provide supportive services. They will become resources to a better quality of life as well as, freedom of choice

Permanent Housing

These tiny housing developments will be a gateway to even greater housing securities through our home ownership ventures. It will be in this program that a resident that successfully completes his or her initial move in and maintains stability to seek home ownership. We will then move the resident to one of our prebuilt tiny houses and get them started on their first mortgage with a plan.


Our outreach centers will seek to provide complete case management to our residents through local partner agencies and service providers. Services would include health outreach, food, clothing, addiction counseling and treatment, mental health supports, life skills, job readiness, and placement.  It is our intent to use this facility as a liaison to the residents and our community.