This weeks’ meeting was awesome—we broke down the structure of the organization into basic committees to handle certain workloads. For example, we created a construction committee to handle all of the issues construction related. We feel the change will bring more of a concentrated effort within a department.

Other big news, we have been given permission to start putting together a package deal for the zoning commission in a potential pilot program for Chicago Tiny Houses. The plan called for three different tiny house locations, one on the north side, south side, and west side and lastly one on the east side. I’m super excited to be one of the organizations involved in such an important endeavor.

This is what we were pulling for from our alderman, a chance to take on the project we know will change homelessness forever. It’s “time to play” and it’s time to shine. I’m so confident in the leaders and organizers of Chicago Tiny House that is makes me tear up. The dedication they put in every week to make this happen is way beyond the call of duty.

So, in short, We have big things coming in the days ahead but I’m confident in the knowledge and experience of our crew to handle the load.

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